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Hainan Mandarin Academy

Here is our story how everything began.

Founded by Sebastian (from Germany)

Sebastian, founder of Hainan Mandarin Academy

Chapter 1: A Frustrating Journey

In 2014, I quit my job and I embarked on an ambitious quest to learn Chinese. Little did I know that the path ahead would be filled with challenges. The pace of traditional language schools was relentless, leaving me breathless as I struggled to keep up. No matter how many hours I dedicated to studying, the mountain of homework and impending lessons seemed insurmountable. The teachers, bound by strict plans and timelines, offered little flexibility. Their unwavering adherence to a rigid curriculum left me feeling frustrated and limited.

Chapter 2: A Vision Takes Shape

It was during those trying times that a spark of inspiration ignited within me. I realized that there was a pressing need for a Chinese language school that embraced a different approach—one that allowed students to learn at their own pace, with teaching materials that were engaging and easy to comprehend. This realization marked the birth of my dream—to create a language school where students could flourish and grow, unhindered by rigid structures and limitations.

Chapter 3: Building the Foundation

In 2015, armed with determination, I took the first steps toward turning my dream into reality. I established my first language school, focusing on teaching Chinese to foreign students from local universities. It quickly became a sanctuary of learning and exploration. My students not only grasped the intricacies of the language but also delved deep into the vibrant tapestry of Chinese culture. We embarked on enchanting journeys through incense rituals and tea ceremonies, immersing ourselves in the richness of tradition.

Chapter 4: From Local to Global

incense ceremony xiangdao 香道

Chinese incense ceremony together with Chinese friends, 香道

By 2019, word of our unique approach had spread far and wide. Students from all corners of the globe sought to join our diverse and immersive language program. They came with the shared desire to not only learn Chinese but also to embrace the cultural nuances that make China so captivating. Our classrooms buzzed with conversations and connections, bridging borders and nurturing a global community.

Sebastian at the tea ceremony

Sebastian at a tea ceremony

Chapter 5: The Unforeseen Halt

However, destiny had a different plan in store. The world was blindsided by the arrival of a devastating pandemic, bringing life to a standstill. The once lively halls of our academy fell silent as uncertainty gripped the air. The pandemic forced us to halt our operations and placed our dreams on hold. Yet, even in the midst of chaos, the flame of hope flickered within.

Chapter 6: A Partnership Forged

After the storm, I found an unwavering ally in my dear friend, Marso, who shared my passion and vision. Together, we embraced the opportunity to rebuild and revive our dream. Combining our strengths and experiences, we embarked on a new chapter, breathing life into our shared vision. With renewed determination, we unveiled the Hainan Mandarin Academy—a place where the beauty of the Chinese language and culture would once again thrive.

Epilogue: A Journey Reimagined

As the doors of the Hainan Mandarin Academy opened once more, a sense of anticipation filled the air. Students, both familiar faces and newcomers, stepped into a world where their unique journeys would be honored, and their individual learning paces respected. In our classrooms, we embarked on a shared adventure, exploring the depths of the Chinese language and unlocking the captivating secrets of Chinese culture.

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