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Hainan: A Clean Energy Hot Spot

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Hainan, a picturesque island province in southern China, is not only known for its natural beauty but also for its commitment to clean energy and sustainable development. Recently (19 September 2023), the province hosted the first sub-forum of the China-ASEAN Clean Energy Week, titled ‘Provinces’ Dialogue’, in its capital city, Haikou. This event brought together representatives from various Chinese provinces and regions, as well as ASEAN countries, to discuss ways to strengthen clean energy cooperation and achieve win-win scenarios.

Clean Energy Cooperation in the ASEAN Region

The ASEAN region has experienced steady economic growth in recent years, making it one of the most economically dynamic regions in the world. This economic progress has created a favorable environment for the development of clean energy initiatives. China and ASEAN have a long history of fruitful collaboration in various fields, and clean energy is no exception.

Hainan: A Key Player in Clean Energy Cooperation

Hainan, with its strategic location and strong economic ties to ASEAN countries, plays a pivotal role in clean energy cooperation. The province is rapidly developing into a free trade port, a national ecological civilization pilot zone, and a clean energy island. Hainan’s commitment to clean energy is evident in its policies and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable development.

At the China-ASEAN Clean Energy Week sub-forum, participants shared information on Hainan’s Free Trade Port policies and the province’s experience in developing as a clean energy island. The event highlighted the importance of leveraging Hainan’s technological advantages to establish technical exchange platforms and hold forums and training courses to strengthen cooperation with ASEAN countries.

The Three Main Activities of China-ASEAN Clean Energy Week

The China-ASEAN Clean Energy Week comprises three main activities, each focusing on a specific aspect of clean energy cooperation:

1. East Asia Summit Clean Energy Forum

The East Asia Summit Clean Energy Forum provides a platform for policymakers, experts, and industry leaders to exchange ideas and discuss the latest trends and innovations in clean energy. The forum aims to promote cooperation in clean energy research, development, and deployment among East Asian countries.

2. ASEAN+3 Clean Energy Roundtable Dialogue

The ASEAN+3 Clean Energy Roundtable Dialogue focuses on strengthening collaboration between ASEAN countries and three key partners – China, Japan, and South Korea. The dialogue aims to enhance knowledge sharing, capacity building, and technology transfer in the field of clean energy.

3. China-ASEAN Clean Energy Capacity Building Programme 2023 Exchange Project

The China-ASEAN Clean Energy Capacity Building Programme 2023 Exchange Project aims to enhance the capacity of ASEAN countries in clean energy development. The project includes training programs, workshops, and knowledge sharing activities to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive clean energy initiatives in their respective countries.

Themed Sub-Forums: Exploring Clean Energy Opportunities

In addition to the main activities, the China-ASEAN Clean Energy Week also features five themed sub-forums, each focusing on a specific aspect of clean energy cooperation. These sub-forums provide a platform for in-depth discussions and knowledge exchange among experts, policymakers, and industry leaders. The sub-forums include:

1. Provinces’ Dialogue

The Provinces’ Dialogue sub-forum aims to facilitate discussions on regional clean energy development trends, expanding market potential, and strengthening clean energy cooperation. Representatives from different Chinese provinces and ASEAN countries share their experiences and explore opportunities for collaboration.

2. Sustainable Hydropower Development

The Sustainable Hydropower Development sub-forum focuses on the sustainable utilization of hydropower resources in the ASEAN region. Experts and industry leaders discuss best practices, technological advancements, and policy frameworks to ensure the responsible and eco-friendly development of hydropower projects.

3. New Energy & New Technology

The New Energy & New Technology sub-forum highlights the latest advancements in clean energy technologies, such as solar power, wind energy, and energy storage. Participants explore the potential of these technologies in promoting clean energy adoption and discuss strategies for their widespread implementation.

4. Green Investment

The Green Investment sub-forum aims to attract investment in clean energy projects and promote sustainable financing mechanisms. Experts and investors discuss the financial aspects of clean energy initiatives and explore opportunities for green investment in the ASEAN region.

5. Power Trade and Consumption

The Power Trade and Consumption sub-forum focuses on cross-border power trade and consumption. Participants discuss regulatory frameworks, grid connectivity, and market mechanisms to facilitate the efficient and sustainable exchange of clean energy among ASEAN countries and China.

Hainan: A Superb Place to Learn Chinese

Apart from its clean energy initiatives, Hainan is also a superb place for those interested in learning Chinese language and culture. The province’s rich history, unique traditions, and diverse ethnic communities make it an ideal destination for language enthusiasts.

Visa-Free Entry

Hainan offers visa-free entry for tourists from over 59 countries, making it convenient for language learners to immerse themselves in the local culture and language without the hassle of visa applications.

Language Learning Opportunities

Hainan boasts a superb Chinese language environment. The Hainan Mandarin Academy offers courses tailored to the needs of international students. These programs provide not only language instruction but also cultural immersion activities, allowing learners to experience the local way of life and enhance their language skills.

Cultural Experiences

In addition to language learning, Hainan offers a plethora of cultural experiences for visitors. From exploring ancient temples and historical sites to participating in traditional festivals and tasting local cuisine, learners can fully immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Hainan while mastering the Chinese language.


Hainan’s commitment to clean energy and sustainable development, as showcased in the China-ASEAN Clean Energy Week, positions the province as a key player in clean energy cooperation. With its strategic location, technological advantages, and strong ties to ASEAN countries, Hainan is well-positioned to drive clean energy initiatives and foster regional collaboration. Moreover, Hainan’s status as a superb place to learn Chinese adds an extra layer of appeal for language enthusiasts looking to explore the province’s clean energy opportunities while immersing themselves in its rich culture and heritage. As Hainan continues its journey towards becoming a free trade port and a national ecological civilization pilot zone, the province’s commitment to clean energy and language learning makes it a truly unique and exciting destination for both environmentalists and language enthusiasts alike.

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